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Hello world!

We,at COYN, are building an automatic tax compliance software for businesses. A team of entrepreneurs, chartered accountants, lawyers, and software engineers is hard at work to make tax less taxing for you. We are also launching a blog to maintain a regular conversation with you.



Why now? For ten years, India has been vying to enact a GST. But now, with political consensus secured, the nation is indubitably on the cusp of accomplishing the most ambitious institutional tax reform. Undoubtedly, implementing a GST in a large and complex federal system is a cause of uncertainty not only for Central and State Governments, but also for the millions of tax entities, such as yours, that are going to be affected by it. But do not worry, we are here to help, support, and facilitate you towards your transition to GST.



We will cover EVERYTHING on GST. Our blogs will be on topics that are relevant to GST and you.  Over the upcoming weeks, we will be publishing some of the best content on GST to help you get started. We know that you’re super busy, so we will do our best to make sure that every blogpost is valuable to you, with information that you can use to gear up for GST.



You have a suggestion for what we could have said or done differently, we’d love to hear it. Please be brutally honest. It would help us create better content for you. Let us know, through this, this and this.



Thrilled to know more about GST, why don’t you click here to read our first post?

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