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Modify, Reject or Cancel E-Way Bill in GST

Under the current GST regime, every registered person who is doing transportation of goods valuing exceeding Indian rupee fifty thousand, or in case of an inward supply from an unregistered person with value exceeding the aforementioned limit is required to generate E-Way bill. While generating the E-way bill a person is required to fill certain details the details required includes the consigner details, one important detail required is vehicle number and E-Way bill is invalid without a valid vehicle number thereby making it important to enter correct details while filling the details.


Modifying E-Way Bill:

Modification is required in following instances:


Trans-shipment: There are many instances in which there is a case of transshipment when the goods are transported from a single vehicle to one or more than vehicles, but the E-way bill need to be modified in such case as the mode of transport and the vehicle number has been changed.


Vehicle Breakdown:  It is a possibility that a vehicle may broke down while its journey and could not be fixed or the goods are of perishable nature and need to be transported in any other mode of transport which again requires modification in vehicle number.


In case the vehicle is broke down or you want to transshipment that is from one vehicle to one or more modes of transportation, and there is a requirement to change the vehicle or mode of transport the details which are required to be filled are:


  • The new or updated vehicle number of the new transport.
  • The place from where the pickup is to be taken, generally the place where the previous transport broke down or the point of trans-shipment.
  • You have to provide the reason of break down or transshipment.
  • Update remarks if required.


While modifying the E-way bill a list of all e-way bill generated during the particular period is been populated and the concerned person should pay attention that correct e – way bill is modified.


Mistake or wrong entry in E-Way bill


In case of any mistake, incorrect or wrong entry in the e-way bill, the details except stated above cannot be edited or modified and hence the e-way bill generating authority is required to pay attention while creating the bill.


Only the vehicle number can be modified in the e-way bill generated, but if there is any other mistake such as wrong destination, consignment number, vendor or customer details have been entered the e-way bill needs to be cancelled in such case.


Rejecting E-Way Bill


GST portal has provided an option for rejecting the e-way bills which either have incorrect details, or the e-way bill is not bee recognized or belong to the goods recipient in such scenario there is a facility option provided through which an e-way bill can be rejected, the important thing to note is that you have to keep a track of the e-way bills generated against you.


Who can reject:


The recipient of goods is authorized to reject the E-way bill.


When to Reject the E-way bill:


  • Wrong e-way bill: If the e-way bill generated is showing wrong credentials such as details of products,units etc., the recipient can reject the bill and request the e-way bill generating party to create it correctly again.


  • Cancelled Consignment: In case the consignment got cancelled due to any difficulty and it could not reach the destination, the recipient may reject the bill.


Details Required:

Following details are required as a pre-requisite for rejection of E-way bill:


  1. Date on which the e-way bill is being generated.
  2. E-way bill number that you intend to reject.
  3. Your Login credentials to e-way bill portal.


Note: You are required to check the e-way bill number you wish to cancel carefully as the list generates e-way bills which are generated on a particular date, and hence required to be chosen carefully.


Time limit


It is important to note that e-way bill has a defined timeline hence requires a close attention to watch each e-way generated against the recipient, as it is a time bound process and has a limit of 72 hours.


It is crucial for the recipient to check each and every detail within 72 hours of generation of e-way bill and should accept or reject accordingly, in case the recipient fails to accept or reject the bill it shall be deemed to have automatically accepted the bill.


Cancellation of E-way Bill

Cancellation of e-way bill is done in case any wrong details apart from vehicle number have been entered while generating the e-way bill, the bill generator is required to cancel the bill.


Who can cancel?


The generator of e-way bill can cancel the wrong e-way bill created.


When to cancel the E-way bill?


  • Wrong e-way bill: In case wrong details have been entered while generating the e-way bill by the generator, it is required to cancel such e-way bill and generate a corrected e-way bill.


  • Goods not transported: In case the goods cannot be transported in compliance of the details furnished while created e-way bill, or any other changes the e-way bill is required to be cancelled.


Time limit


An important point here to be taken care of is that, the e-way bill once generated is required to be cancelled in case of any discrepancy within a time period of 24 hours of generation of e-way bill.

In case the e-way bill is not cancelled within such time period it will be deemed to have a valid identity and it cannot be cancelled, however a way out can be to request the recipient to reject the e-way bill as the timeline for rejecting is 72 hours, but again it requires the accent of the recipient, the generator cannot cancel it at his end.

Furthermore, it is important to note that once the e-way bill is been verified by the empowered officer it cannot be cancelled by the generator of the bill.




The e-way bill can be modified, rejected and cancelled based on the time limit constraints and depending on the person of responsibility.

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